allows users to access information about products provided and updated regularly by suppliers. It also allows selecting an item to order directly or through consultation under reverse auction or as simple consultation.
When you perform a search, several filters (eg, the generic name, the specific name, reference, etc.) are available in the search bar to quickly find the right item. You can view items in a list or grid, depending on the option in the block "Browse categories".
You can limit the results to the categories that interest you. A search on the word "key", for example, will give you results for USB sticks or DIY keys. Click the link for the category that interests you in the toolbar on the left to display results only in this category.
We collect information relating to products or services from participating suppliers, and we include these products in our search index. Our goal is to find the product or service you are looking for and centralize the transactions. We take care to assess the most relevant results relative to your search.
If there is a product or a service essential to the company, the employees may have opportunity to go outside processes and standard systems.
You can buy products directly from We help you find the products you want and you redirect to suppliers (online) with whom you can get in touch with and buy.
Most of the information displayed on are provided by suppliers participating in the program. When a supplier updates information (for example, changes the price of a product or its stock level), they’ll be taken into consideration by within 24 hours.
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