Five Sources of Value using a Contract Management software

Procure-to-Pay Suite

Made by buyers, for buyers.

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Centralized Procurement Data

Fully automate all procurement processes and keep track of them in one place

Fully Customizable Platform

Create the perfect platform, scalable and adapted to your procurement needs

Seamless Integration

One click to upload your suppliers data and make the most of our eProcurement tools

Smart Analytics

Our data-driven solutions helps you keep an eye on your business spending at all times

eProcurement solutions designed for your business

We help you reshape the way you spend


  • All the materials and equipment you need at a glance
  • Track every purchase you make, all in one place
  • Get notified every time a transaction is approved

Oil and Gas

  • Map out your entire Source-to-Pay strategy
  • Boost your Purchase Order Cycle-time
  • Meet regulatory requirements
  • Automate processes and save cash

Building Products

  • Automate your workflow
  • Contract tracking and alerts
  • Supplier collaborative platform
  • Manage all orders in one unified location


  • Strategic Sourcing and Procurement
  • Keep track of your contracts and get notifications 
  • Supplier Performance Platform
  • Detailed Spend Analysis Dashboards 


  • Automated approval processes
  • 360° insight into your spend 
  • Purchase orders in one location
  • Detailed online reporting

Public Sector

  • Seamless Integration with your ERP System
  • Collaborate in real time with your suppliers
  • Get your processes automated in only one location


  • Chart out your Spend Analysis
  • Seamless Validation Workflows 
  • Meet regulatory compliance 

Sparkling new features for your strategic sourcing

Increase your productivity right away

Meet regulatory requirements and strengthen compliance

Automate and simplify risk management

Save your data in the cloud and minimize costs

Manage and automate all your Purchasing process with
Sourcing Force

Automate your entire procurement processes

A straightforward integration to help you achieve Source-to-Pay digitization.

PunchOut & Hosted Catalogs

Supplier Relationship Management

Purchase Request & Supplier Orders

Supplier performance

Validation Workflow & Budget control

suite intégrée Source-to-Pay


One web-based platform and One ID/Password (SSO)

Sourcing Force transforms your purchasing processes

165 K

Suppliers registered on our Source-to-Pay portal today

200 M

Over 200 million items  you can buy, all in three clicks on Sourcing Force


360° view into resources, suppliers and spend in one dashboard

eProcurement for transparency and streamlined workflows

Our first concern is to help you save as you spend 

“ We are really satisfied about our collaboration with Sourcing Force, the modules definitely suit our needs and keep evolving as we grow.”

Franck Bourquard  E-Procurement Project Manager at LEM



1 000


200 M


165 M


Success Story

“World’s largest biotech company Roche automate automates their procurement processes with Sourcing Force  ”

Sourcing Force, ranked among the fastest growing
companies in 2022

fastest-growing companies”

Financial times

“The fastest growing
companies in Europe.”

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