Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.

Help them tackle those difficult business partners and ensure they get a seat at the table. Assist them by having those tough conversations when they struggle to get co-operation from the business. Without your leadership, it is likely they may only have minimal success from the bottom up.

2. Teach them the business and involve them in key decisions

They need to be seen as participant in business decisions by other divisions in the company, including their stakeholders; and chances are you won’t be yet either. Do what you can to drive the culture by making sure your role on the board is meaningful; and educate those around you to ensure they have an appropriate role in management teams.

3. Treat them how you want them to be, not how they currently are

If you believe purchasing should add value to the organisation and be a strategic partner, they can only start to do so by walking the talk. Your faith in your procurement staff, and your assistance in removing non-value-add work, will be the first step towards building this vision.

4. Keep the communication lines open

They like to know they are part of your big picture. Visit them, talk to them, share your visions with them. They will reward you with their dedication and hard work. Trust will only start building itself by communicating and giving your team the attention it deserves to be successful.



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Par Olivier Audino, le 17/04/2019

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