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Procure-To-Pay suite

eCatalogues B2B Hébergés / Punchout

Annuaire fournisseurs collaboratif

Demandes d’Achats & Commandes

Externalisation des Achats Spots

Circuit de validation & Budgets

Strategic sourcing suite

Analyse & Cartographie Achat

Appels d’Offres / Sourcing

Gestion des contrats

Performance Fournisseurs

Pilotage des économies

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Improving Insights Into Third-party Risk (Series 1 of 4)

Improving Insights Into Third-party Risk (Series 1 of 4)

Introduction to SIM & CLM: Why supplier risk isn’t just a Fortune 100 company issue.The responsibility for managing suppliers and supplier contracts has taken on a heightened level of interest and concern in recent years. Highly regulated industries including...

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