An e-procurement solution offers many advantages and covers a wide range of applications. It allows an increase in productivity, a better visibility into real time transactions, and facilitates access for users to the supplies they need. It was a long way before e-procurement proved its ability to meet the challenges of purchasing services, and did not succeed in establishing itself as a tool of choice.

This article will show you the main benefits of our e-purchasing suite:

Cost reduction: With a fully cloud-based SRM costs can be reduced, particularly by the volume effect (purchasing in large quantities), or by maintaining good relationships with suppliers. The use of an external expenditure management system also improves the quality and performance of suppliers.

Visibility of expenses: Centralized transaction tracking allows a complete classification of order information: items purchased, order processes, as well as payments made. A Source-to-Pay system also guarantees compliance with existing and established contracts.

Productivity: Through a supplier relationship management system like Sourcing Force, internal customers can obtain the products they want from a single online catalogue that references previously validated products. The Purchasing department is thus freed from the painful process of placing orders and especially low-value transactions. Procurement managers can then focus on strategic sourcing and improve relationships with key suppliers.

Control: Sourcing Force approval system ensures the right level of authorization applied to transactions and expenses. In this way, it supports the existing purchasing policy.

Using the Cloud : Traditional ePurchasing solutions work like traditional softwares. They require a heavy upstream installation on the entire company’s computer network. Sourcing-Force is directly accessible online and fully cloud-based. We don’t touch your computer’s system or modify anything on your network. It saves you time, give you flexibility, and provides you with all the benefits cloud technology and supplier relationship management can offer.

Companies are investing in our Source-to-Pay suite to boost their efficiency and productivity. In the long run, cost reduction will lead companies to undertake more strategic initiatives.

Par Olivier Audino, le 10/10/2018

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