Argentus interviews Benoit Constanty, the co-founder of Toronto Procurement Network

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Argentus has interviewed the co-founder of the Toronto Procurement Network (TPN) and Director of Market Development at Sourcing Force, Benoit Constanty.  

You can read the full article here.

TPN Network Toronto Procurement Network


As recruiters specialized within Procurement, we consider it part of our mission to connect with the most exciting people in the space – the people who are making an effort to move the field forward. In Canada, Procurement is somewhat of a siloed field. It’s rapidly evolving, but it’s sometimes difficult to find opportunities to connect with other professionals in real life – to network, exchange notes about best practices and tell stories from the front lines.

That’s why we’re excited to learn about the Toronto Procurement Network (TPN). TPN is an organization that seeks to create learning and networking opportunities for Procurement professionals by hosting free After Work events downtown, as well as workshops with some of the luminaries of the field.

We got in touch with Benoit Constanty, the co-founder of TPN, to ask him about his goals for the organization, and its potential to help advance the Procurement profession in Canada.

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The Toronto Procurement Network is now one of the largest procurement and supply chain fee-free associations in Ontario. Join it for free here!

Toronto Procurement Network Canada USA

If you want to connect with Benoit Constanty, feel free to do so at:

Benoit Constanty Toronto procurement network

The Toronto Procurement Network is coming up with a new podcast featuring the most potent CPOs in the world, stay tuned to give it a listen!

Join Toronto Procurement Network (TPN Network) here



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Par Olivier Audino, le 26/10/2019

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