When traveling the rocky road of today’s economic landscape, it’s hard to imagine doing anything but cutting costs, and cutting them now.

Because of the tough times at hand, businesses are forced to implement cost cutting procedures at a much faster rate than before. And they’re not always ready for this change. They may cut costs too quickly, without a full analysis, only to find out that they are in desperate need of something that they “figured they could do without.”

This quick and dirty cost cutting approach often fails.

An alternative to cost-cutting is managing a company’s spend. It’s important for all executives to know exactly what is happening within their own walls. They’re the ones in charge and making the final decisions on the most relevant issues. So, they need to have updated, relevant, spend analysis data right in front of them on a constant basis.

But many executives are simply unaware of their company’s procurement strategy and overall spend.

Another problem for many companies is one that, on the surface, seems very simple…a “can’t miss.” However, you’d be surprised at how often companies overlook this small detail: Your spend analysis data needs to be put to good use. Many companies know and understand that they need this data, but they don’t think about taking it the next step and using it properly. In a nut shell, they’ve spent plenty of money developing a strategy and collecting the data for use in creating better procurement practices, but they lack the ability or the personnel to actually evaluate and, in turn, put this data to good use.

If you’re not going to use the data that you’ve spent good money to gather, then you might as well not gather it in the first place.


Have you experienced these challenges?

Par Olivier Audino, le 02/05/2019

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