Changing Sourcing Categories on the Fly – Why Sourcing Force is the Right Dynamic Solution.

We have worked on over a hundred projects here at Sourcing Force and one question that never gets old and is fun for me to answer is, “You can really do that?” It is usually fun for us to answer because a great deal of the time we get to answer “Yes!”

Over the past few months we have been working with a client and following the natural progression through the Sourcing Force modules.

In the initial implementation of the Spend Analytics module we classified items to UNSPSC and rolled the associated codes to Sourcing Categories that would be more meaningful to Category Managers.

After a successful implementation by the Sourcing Force delivery team the client was very happy with the results and visibility they were able to get into their spend.

With the implementation, we were excited to build off of the initial data classification and reporting that we completed in Phase I of the project. In a status call with the customer we received the question that we have received from many clients.


“Would it be possible to change and possibly expand the Sourcing Categories?” We were able to use our favorite answer, “Yes!” After consulting with the client about what additional categories and changes they wanted to make we had the Sourcing Force Spend Analytics updated within a couple hours with the new sourcing categories.

Needless to say the client was thrilled and I think the exact reaction was, “Whoa, that’s pretty cool.”

These little features that the founders and architects of the Sourcing Force solution package have implemented with their years of experience and past hardships has made our job of managing projects a lot easier.

As Sourcing Force continues to grow and change what is possible with business analysis, we’re definitely excited for what is next to come.



Par Olivier Audino, le 08/05/2019

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