Simplifying contract management from creation to renewal; increasing efficiency by automating contracting processes and making exchanges smoother; reducing processing time in both back-office and front-office;

These are the main challenges in document management. This is what reveals a study called  “Contract management in the digital age: new approaches, challenges and trends” by Markess, a company specialized in digital transformation strategies.

Contracts are at the heart of the customer/supplier relationship. Their management must be agile and more digital to enable purchasing departments to improve responsiveness and performance. Well aware of the increasing need to optimize their business processes, 97% of decision-makers surveyed consider the use of digital technologies to be an inevitable key to success. 

The “online” dimension of contracting, allows remote interactions throughout the process and simplifies workflows to reduce contract activation time. Digitization is therefore a clearly identified asset for optimizing supplier relationship.

As the final step in the dematerialization of contracts, electronic signatures are becoming an essential part of the contracting process as well. It improves competitiveness by simplifying procedures, avoiding mail exchanges and eliminating the problem of storing physical piles of papers. 


Par Olivier Audino, le 26/01/2019

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