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Build stronger and faster suppliers relationships

Start your transition to a smart Gas and Oil company

Become a digital leader in the oil and gas industry with Sourcing Force. Ready to use service that delivers end-to-end business processes for your industry and accelerate integration as well as reduce risk. Get ready for your digital transformation with Sourcing Force services for Energy, Oil & Gas. Our applications provide the business capabilities that oil and gas product companies need to run their organization and bring smart technology to your processes to streamline existing workflows, optimize decisions, maximize revenue, improve customer experience, and reduce risk.

Sourcing Force transforms your sourcing processes


Team members have access to the platform and get a 360° view into resources, suppliers and spend.

1 000

Over a thousand users including leading companies have used our tools for their digitization


That’s how much you can save by choosing our e-procurement suite for your organization.

«  Our procurement modules have been developed and customized with Sourcing Force through a really effective collaboration. We use it on a daily basis ever since. »

Procurement Manager
United Technologies Corporation

Source-to-Pay solution tailored to your needs

Modernize and speed up oil and gas production processes. Connect suppliers and buyers on a digital network to simplify processes and improve efficiencies by strengthening security, cost management, and agility. Optimizing workflows is key to improving business performance for energy companies.

Learn more about how Sourcing Force simplifies processes for the Energy, Gas and Oil industry

Fast integration and automation 

Eliminate lag in execution times to increase productivity and reduce capital to be able to respond more quickly to market changes. Sourcing Force platform is used to enable rapid connections to external parties and help oil and gas companies transform into smart organizations through fast business applications that use innovative technologies and can be extended on Sourcing Force Cloud Platform. 

Learn how Energy organizations use our Strategic Sourcing tools

Achieve Procurement Strategies

Simplify your workflow

Sourcing Force combines multiple tool into one and allows your company to reduce paperwork and streamline your contract processes

Eliminate human error

Enter data manually like invoices, PO’s or deliveries can be a nightmare and turn into a potential mess. Without any automation tool, each purchase may go through several manual processes and you might easily lose track of some key data eventually. Sourcing Force helps your business organize and build well-defined automated workflows 

Rationalize decision-making

Achieve much of the decision-making workflow with almost no effort. Sourcing Force brings your procurement strategy transparency, procurement managers know exactly who placed a request and what vendor is providing the resources.  

Achieve cost savings

Sourcing Force’s automation tools improve processing time and considerably minimize errors to help your organization save money and increase productivity. For instance, you will be able to avoid payment delays that could lead your company to interrupt workflows and ensure that all of your payment are processed on time using Sourcing Force


Collaborate with suppliers

Collaborate closely with your suppliers and create more value for your company. Sourcing Force collect data  through a SPM solution that can help your business provide suppliers with an idea of what is important to your organization. 

Why is SRM so important for Energy, Gas & Oil Industries ?

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