E-Procurement For Manufacturing Industries

Build stronger and faster suppliers relationships

Strategic Sourcing for manufacturing industries

Optimize and grow your Manufacturing company with Sourcing Force. Our 360° suite enables you to adopt global market best practices; achieve excellence across financial, sales, procurement, and manufacturing processes. Transform the whole experience for your users and engage with your customers anywhere to drive digital interactions and improve insights and customization. Enable new workflow models and integrate inventory, operations, sales and logistics to support collaborative processes for your enterprise and balance demand and supply.

Sourcing Force transforms your purchasing processes


Key team members have direct access to the platform and get a 360° view into resources, suppliers and spend

1 000

Over a thousand users including leading manufacturing companies have digitized their procurement experience with Sourcing Force


That’s how much you can save by choosing our e-procurement suite for your manufacturing organization

«  Our procurement modules have been developed and customized with Sourcing Force through a really effective collaboration. We use it on a daily basis ever since. »

Procurement Manager

Procurement made easy to compete in the global market

Benefit from our holistic set of applications and take your Manufacturing company to the next level. Sourcing Force combine business and IT to help you close the gap between your digital transformation strategy and execution. We help your business evolve by implementing new technologies with our trusted experts, from designing and building to validating, and upgrading Sourcing Force applications that reflects about 10 years of knowledge, experience, and innovation. 

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Deliver more and exceed customer expectations

Today’s customers want a seamless buyers’ experience from browse to purchase. In a world focused on constant innovation and anticipating customer needs, it can be tough to turn your vision into reality. This is where Sourcing Force can help. By working with us at the beginning of your integration’s journey you can keep pace with your Manufacturing industry trends while continuously meeting buyers’ needs. You can also grow your manufacturing solutions as your business expands.

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Why are E-Procurement strategies so important for Manufacturing Industries ?

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