P2P Implementation

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Our Guest

Leigh Bowen

Senior Procurement Consultant 

Worked at Accenture, Currently Consultant at BycgenIT,
and contracting for KPMG

As procurement professionals, we often see the result of expensive implementations that have not lived up to the expectations of the business.

P2P systems are one of the few areas where we are the stakeholders, and as such we have the opportunity to avoid the pitfalls of a poorly conceived implementation.

It is entirely possible to spend $MMs on a system that after, workarounds, stakeholder capitulations , supplier pushbacks and resource constraints have been addressed leaves the customer with a product that is not that functionally different to what they had in place previously.


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In this webinar you will learn about:

    • Sourcing strategy
    • P2P
    • P2P System Implementation
    • Change Management

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