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Reduce errors with automation

Sourcing Force offers a comprehensive range of tools to integrate into your procurement process. From electronic catalogs to shopping cart interfaces such as OCI (Open Catalogue Interface) and ERP to ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) connections, you receive a tailored solution that fits your requirements and needs. Depending on the type of solution you’re looking for, this can be done directly or indirectly via one of our many Source-To-Pay solutions.

Enhance procurement data quality 

Hosted & Punchout Catalogs

e-Catalogs : Tailored to meet your specific requirements e-catalogs contain prices, part codes, delivery times and technical data. Electronic catalogs are particularly useful for the fast repeat ordering of everyday standard products.

ERP interfaces

e-Procurement to ERP : Reduce your costs, manual errors and lead times by automating your procurement process with ERP integration. This solution provides an efficient way of handling all transaction data for quotes, orders, order confirmations and invoices.

Support on all Purchase’s life cycle

Sourcing Force supports you throughout each phase of your Purchase’s life cycle. Our e-Procurement solutions enable high-quality data exchange throughout the purchasing process and can be easily integrated into your existing systems. Purchasing electronically guarantees data quality and provides easy access to up-to-date information, such as product availability, prices, lead times and technical documentation.

The power of a complete, unified suite

Automate all processes across all spend categories

Hosted & Punchout catalogs

Load providers' catalogs in one central place and get key data to assess them directly from Sourcing Force.

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Sourcing Events / Spot Bid

The best sources and prices at a glance. No more phone calls, automate sourcing and free up some time.

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Contract Management

Store and manage contracts with vendors, leases, legal agreements etc..., be alerted, and reduce financial risks.

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Purchase Requests & Orders

Sourcing Force is a digital network that connects you with all your suppliers, and where POs of any type …

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« Sourcing Force really gave us the ability to quickly identify areas we needed to improve. For instance, before we integrated the Contract Management module, our contracts were handled manually, it was incredibly time-consuming and counter-productive for all of us. Now it’s all automated in the cloud and way more efficient. »

Purchasing Manager


Purchase requests & Orders

Validation workflow

Budget control

Contract Management

Automate all Procurement steps

Strategic Sourcing

Sourcing Force’s e-Sourcing module is a platform for collaboration between internal stakeholders and suppliers, supporting purchase event creation, bidding and award processes.

Contract Management

A comprehensive service for the whole lifecycle of a contract, from its creation, through negotiation and completion, to renewal or exit. The solution streamlines the work of both those for whom the service of contracts is a main task, and departments that deal with contracts from time to time.

Spend analytics

Sourcing Force provides a cloud-based solution that improves the visibility of company spending executed by each employee. Our tool guarantees prompt access to reliable data enhancing complete procurement processes that brings savings to your organization.

Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)

A central supplier database to collect, verify, accept and update contractor data. A free Supplier Portal enables the company’s suppliers to perform a wide variety of tasks with the goal of facilitating and streamlining supplier management and supplier-company communication.

« Sourcing Force helped us manage our sourcing processes in the simplest way. We have speeded up our relationship with suppliers and overachieved regulatory compliance »

“Source-to-Pay Solutions for Digital Transformation”


Key team members have direct access to the platform and get a 360° view into resources, suppliers and spend

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Over a thousand users including leading companies have digitized their procurement experience with Sourcing Force


That’s how much you can save by choosing our e-procurement suite for your organization

Why are E-Procurement strategies so important ?

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