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Focus on core operations

The role of procurement outsourcing is to leverage long term relationships with suppliers and provide your business with the most competitive pricing. Savings through outsourced procurement services can range from 6 to 40%.

Sourcing Force transforms your purchasing processes

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Suppliers registered on our Source-to-Pay portal today

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360° view into resources, suppliers and spend in one dashboard

Outsourcing and Automation

Only hire once

By partnering with Sourcing Force, you are having one point of contact for all your procurement needs, but you will spare your company from hiring and train procurement experts over and over again. We provide a dedicated manager for each company and a customer service that is disposed to help your company in no time.

Smooth transition

Maximize your procurement benefits while minimizing disruption and risk for your organization. Sourcing Force ensures to learn about your business, your services, and product requirements. We will determine what are your company’s objectives in outsourcing procurement and make sure that they are achieved or surpassed by outsourcing. 

Great diversity of suppliers

Use a broad variety of resources including Sourcing Force’s suppliers database. Diversity is fundamental in building both a good and a powerful supply chain. Working with a diverse set of suppliers boosts competitiveness and helps job creation by offering opportunities to companies owned by minorities and people living in disadvantaged areas.

Boost procurement processes

Stay ahead of your competitors

Outsourcing your procurement activities gives your team more time and flexibility to focus on core operations and business development which will eventually  lead to accelerated time-to-value and therefore greater revenue. Sourcing Force gives your business best in class tools and resources without making additional investments. That will help your company remain competitive in a fast paced-market and drive a better cost efficiency 

Reduce your operating costs 

Increase your productivity 

Procurement outsourcing with Sourcing Force reduces management costs and saves on purchases as well. Not only will you have knowledgeable procurement experts at your disposal that will provide you key insights, you will also achieve  better procurement strategies. Your business will reduce paperwork burden and errors, gain visibility into data, and drive down costs. Sourcing Force source-to-pay solutions enable high-quality data exchange throughout the purchasing process and will facilitate your procurement activities.

« We are really satisfied about our collaboration with Sourcing Force, the modules definitely suit our needs and keep evolving as we grow »

— Franck Bourquard E-Procurement Project Manager at LEM

A wide range of features to take procurement to the next level

A Collaborative Suite That Empowers Your Procure-to-Pay strategy

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Supplier Management

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Procurement Outsourcing

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Validation Workflow

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Why are E-Procurement strategies so important ?

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