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Sourcing Force helps organizations manage, evaluate, and compare suppliers. Users can use the supplier assessment solution to evaluate, score, and rank suppliers across multiple categories such as compliance, resources reliability, and buyer satisfaction.

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Suppliers evaluation to :

Avoid risk and disruptions

It can be difficult to prevent interruptions and reduce the incidence of risk exposure. Supplier performance on Sourcing Force provides a 360° insight into supplier risk so you can set news goals to reduce or eliminate that risk from your procurement processes.

Protect your reputation

A certain amount of businesses have taken hard hits by the actions of their suppliers. Smartphone recalls as an example. Supplier management can help you review supplier performance which will enable you to take relevant actions early and keep your reputation strong in the eyes of your customers and partners.

Avoid costs and achieve savings

The information an SPM provides can contribute to cut costs and achieve savings. In fact, it centralizes your supplier information into a single base displaying all interactions between suppliers and buyers so you can save time by getting accurate information about your suppliers, and therefore capture savings. 

Collaborate with suppliers

Collaborate closely with your suppliers and create more value for your company. Sourcing Force collect data  through a SPM solution that can help your business provide suppliers with an idea of what is important to your organization. 

Drive supplier improvement

Understand supplier relationships better

Enforce contract penalties by reviewing performance against service commitments. Give suppliers specific details about which areas need improvement, and make strategic supplier decisions using performance assessments to improve relationships.

Improve compliance

Smartly manage suppliers

Sourcing Force platform helps you locate supply-demand issues quickly and encourage broad adoption by internal and external teams. View supplier commitments, reviews, orders and quality alerts on your customized dashboard and onboard them quickly providing a user-friendly solution for a better collaboration 

« We are really satisfied about our collaboration with Sourcing Force, the modules definitely suit our needs and keep evolving as we grow »

— Franck Bourquard E-Procurement Project Manager at LEM

Our very broad Strategic Sourcing functionalities

A Collaborative Suite That Empowers Your Sourcing Strategies 

Spend Analytics

Improve your spend culture ! Classify and get spend analysis every day and anytime with Sourcing Force…

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Request For Proposal 

Don’t miss out on opportunities because creating a request for bid, proposal or quote is a hard task…

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Contract Management

Having visibility into your contract portfolio helps you avoid risk and make better and faster decisions. 

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Supplier Performance

Sourcing Force helps organizations manage, evaluate, and compare suppliers. Users can use the …

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Savings Management

Manage every aspect of your savings initiatives and gain a panoramic visibility to keep them on track…

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