e-Catalogs & Punchout

April 16th 2019 – Register for free

e-Catalogs in 2019 

Say goodbye to manual data entry. Import seamlessly new items and orders directly from your supplier’s catalog into Sourcing Force. In this short, live webinar, learn how to get the integration up and running, from the quick setup process in your supplier directory, including how to enter custom data points, to working with orders in Sourcing Force.

Join Sourcing Force on April 16TH at 12PM EAST to learn:

  • How e-Catalogs and PunchOuts Catalog work
  • How to easily integrate them with Sourcing Force

  • How to quickly deploy and onboard users

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Over 10 years’ experience in Procurement and Digitization for SMBs and entreprises

Olivier Audino

CEO at Sourcing Force

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