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Jean-Louis Moreau

Experienced Chief Procurement Officer

Former Procurement Executive at:

Jean-Louis has over 25 years of multi-sectorial experience and a senior level expertise in designing and implementing global procurement strategies for large organizations. He is also one of the most praised procurement leader on Linkedin on account of providing a considerable amount of in-depth procurement analysis. As an expert in Procurement and performance improvement, Jean-Louis masters procurement strategy development and has many times proven himself to be a very high procurement  achiever  transform your organization  to achieve excellence in Procurement.

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A Procurement Strategy is, for the most part, based on collected data and profound knowledge of the industry.

It can be a tricky process as it requires a constant communication between all departments and a clearly defined Action Plan for the organization. By attending this webinar  you will be able to define a thorough procurement strategy and give your teams the  ingredients they need to meet their goals.

In this webinar you will learn how to:


– Define and develop a procurement strategy

– Set procurement priorities and goals

– Use the right tools to achieve those goals

– Analyze your ecosystem

– Create a Procurement Strategy Matrix

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