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Five Sources of Value using a Contract Management software

Adopting contract management software helps ensure that contracts are enforced so that businesses get the most value from them. Learn about the five sources of value that contract management software offers.

10 Steps For Procurement Strategy Development

Jean-Louis Moreau is an experienced Chief Procurement Officer with over 25 years of multi-sectorial experience in the supply chain and procurement area. Today, he’s going over 10 basic steps to start deploying your procurement strategy.

Spend Analytics – Best Practices 

Andrew Wolfe at Wolfe Procurement is Sourcing Force’s guest today. Andrew has over 20 years of experience in the procurement field. In this webinar, he goes over How to conduct a state-of-the-art spend analysis and enlighten us on the difference between Spend Analysis and Spend Analytics. 

Procure-to-Pay Implementation

Leigh Bowen 
is a senior Sourcing and Procurement Consultant. He worked at Accenture, contracting for KPMG and currently consultant at BycgenIT
. In this webinar, Leigh covers all the steps to achieve a Procure-to-pay implementation within an organization through his own experience.

Spend Analysis VS Spend Analytics

Andrew Wolfe and Sourcing Force on how to conduct a spend analysis and the differences between Spend Analytics and Spend Analysis.  Andrew has over 20 years of experience in the procurement field and is Sourcing Force’s guest today.

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The Ultimate Guide To Procurement Management

The Ultimate Guide To Procurement Management

What complexifies your procedures, slows the efficiency of your employees and hinders your growth? Obsolete and unsuitable procurement management policies and processes, of course! And yet, few entrepreneurs spontaneously think about it, as the procurement function is...

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Some Spend-related Useful Definitions

Some Spend-related Useful Definitions

I’ve noticed that there are a lot of terms being used with the word “spend” in them.Oftentimes one word can mean different things to different people at different companies. In an effort to eliminate confusion, here’s a central repository for Sourcing Force’s...

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