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E-procurement in 2019 

Emerging technologies and increasing customer expectations are driving massive shifts in the global marketplace. Lots of companies don’t acknowledge procurement as a strategic business function that necessitates its own processes and workflows. This webinar will shed light on what an e-procurement suite really can do for your organization, and how it can leverage automation for better workflows.


In this webinar you will learn how to:

• Instrument and deploy your e-Procurement Suite

• Use Procure-to-pay tools to gain more visibility into your finances

• Identify performance bottlenecks no matter where they live – spendings, supplier management, spot buys

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Special guest : Olivier Audino

Over 10 years’ experience in Procurement and Sourcing

Ben Constanty

North American Market Manager at Sourcing Force

Olivier Audino

CEO at Sourcing Force

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