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Why Do I Need SRM?

SRM is much more than a buzzy acronym that’s been tossed around the business and procurement world for the past decade or so. Is it time to invest in a Supplier Relationship Management solution? 
The contents of this e-book will help you determine that. Signs your business needs an SRM solution to improve procurement and productivity.

How to boost your Procure-to-Pay value

Learn how to Identify and drive organizational procurement value. Effectiveness is about producing an expected result and the gap between the target and the actual result defines the level of performance. “The less, the better” is now the objective for streamlined and powerful Procure-to-Pay processes.

Is Your Contract Management Really Effective?

This document presents some of the contract management problems that organizations encounter and the benefits that a perfect contract management system can offer.Signs your business needs a SRM solution. Contracts are a fundamental building block in any business. They really are the binding relationship between an organization and its customers and suppliers.

Source-to-pay : Learn how to create new sourcing opportunities 

Read about stabilizing your spend, choosing the right suppliers, maximizing internal value and more…

7 reasons to switch to a contract management solution

7 reasons to switch to a contract management solution

Contracts are the cornerstones of professional relationships. To know and understand the obligations that bind an organization to its partners, teams must be able to manage contracts and data holistically, through a unified solution. Forget your storage cabinets,...

Digitization, an asset for contract management

Digitization, an asset for contract management

Simplifying contract management from creation to renewal; increasing efficiency by automating contracting processes and making exchanges smoother; reducing processing time in both back-office and front-office; These are the main challenges in document management. This...

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